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Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is a complicated condition entrenched in a variety of factors and circumstances. Addiction can be seen as the opposite of connection. When people feel connected, they are less likely to engage in their addiction. On the flip side, the absence of connection often leads them to seek out their addictive behaviors.

In treating addiction, much of my focus goes into helping you reconnect and find your purpose, whether that’s with counseling or finding a way to create meaning through work, school, or volunteering. Together, we’ll move you through the recovery and treatment phases so you can wake up feeling a sense of purpose and direction every day.

I work with individuals suffering from many types of addictions, including:

  • Substance abuse, such as drugs and alcohol.
  • Food addiction and eating disorders.
  • Sex and love addictions.
  • Gambling.

Times of social isolation can prompt unique conditions and triggers that particularly challenge those with addictions—even if you’re already in a position of recovery. You may need further support in addition to a 12-step program or sponsor. I am happy to fulfill that role and help you obtain or maintain recovery.

The Benefits Of Sobriety

Sobriety opens up the doors of opportunity to work on your relationships, education, or career. You’ll finally be able to heal and make amends, reconnecting with friends and family members. When you’re no longer a slave to your addiction, you can learn to be okay with, and even enjoy, the present moment. Living addiction-free is true freedom.

Other benefits of sobriety may include:

  • Looking and feeling healthier.
  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Saving money for more rewarding purposes.
  • Living more authentically.
  • Enjoying a sense of community.

Utilizing valuable tools and strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, and career counseling, I’ll help you tap into your strengths to take control of your life and define your purpose.

Working With Additional Support Systems

Often when someone is suffering from addiction, their treatment involves more intensive care. My background and connections allow me to facilitate that process, giving you access to many forms of support that can benefit you.

For instance, many people are unaware that mental health conditions and addiction qualify as disabilities, allowing them to take advantage of vocational rehabilitation services provided by the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), such as help with paying for school or clothes for a job interview.

My work with the DOR began inside the treatment centers. With extensive knowledge of the DOR, I can help you receive the financial assistance you need to heal and move forward. As an experienced liaison, I can provide you with a letter confirming your diagnosis, assist you with scheduling an intake, and address any other concerns you may have while seeking recovery.

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